About Alumni Association

The IMT Alumni association aims at working for an all time interaction and a feeling of fraternity among alumni of the institute. The association also provides opportunities for interaction between past and present graduates with faculty of the college. The alumni of our institution have kept their finding positions of National and International repute and the association being a platform for mutual awareness among all.

Aims & Objectives

  • Promoting academic and professional excellence by organizing or sponsoring seminars/conferences/ guest lecturers/ publications etc for benefit of society at large.
  • Provide career guidance in both academic and extracurricular field to the public at large and creating opportunities for transfer of technology/ knowledge amongst alumni.
  • Propagating ideas of the association through establishment of chapters within and outside India.
  • Encouraging advancement of Science & Technology through Industry-Academia interaction and sponsored project.
  • Interacting with similar Alumni Associations on common issues.