Mentoring is an effective and popular way of providing guidance and support to the students and thereby shaping their future. Effective mentoring also helps to accomplish program vision & mission of an institute. It develops a sense of discipline, responsibility and accountability within the student community. The prime objective of the mentor-mentee process at IMT Phrmacy College, Puri is to ensure students’ overall development with regard to academics, professional integrity and helps in developing employable skills among the technical students of this institution.  

Details of Mentor-Mentee Process

  • Eligible faculty members are assigned a group of 20 to 25 mentees whom they serve as mentors through out the period of their course.
  • The first-year students are assigned mentors through the Mentor-Mentee system.
  • The mentors are provided with a standard booklet containing all personal and academic details of their respective mentees, which they need to update throughout academic curriculum of the assigned students.
  • The mentors remain in regular touch with the guardian of the mentees and update them regarding the progress and any deficiencies found within them.
  • Proper confidentiality shall be maintained by the mentors with regard to the personal grievances of their respective mentees and motivate and guide them to navigate themselves from odd situations.
  • The mentors shall be consulted/informed in case of disciplinary issues on code of conduct with their respective mentees.

Role of a Mentor

  • To take the lead in supporting a mentee through an ongoing, one-to-one relationship.
  • To build a relationship of trust by caring and planning for welfare of the mentee.
  • To serve as a positive role model.
  • To strive for mutual respect.
  • Always be a patient listener to the mentees and be considerate and flexible towards the issues of mentees
  • Should always encourage and support the mentees for constructive activities
  • Try to develop a sense of mutual respect for each other among the mentees.

Responsibilities of a Mentor

  • Meet the mentee student twice a month.
  • Track the academic performance of the mentee and counsel, guide, and motivate in all academic and professional matters.
  • Advise the mentee regarding the choice of electives, add-on courses, external certifications, projects, summer training/internships, and other co-curricular matters.
  • Advise for career options and their planning and development.
  • Maintain a confidential progressive record of the mentee.
  • Intimate HOD and suggest if any coordinated action is called for.
  • Contact parents/guardians if the situation demands e.g. irregularities, negative behavioral changes, interpersonal relations, detrimental activities, etc.
  • Maintain contact with the students even after their graduation.

Responsibilities of a Mentee

  • Respect the mentor
  • Regularly attend the meetings with the mentor and seek advice.
  • Provide the details of his/her performance and curricular and extracurricular activities to the mentor.

Mentor Mentee Rules IMT